The Bitch is Back

Did anyone catch the beginning of the new Hills this week, when Lo, Auds and Steph were talking about Kristin in the beginning. They were talking about how she puts the ho in horrible. And Lo's example was "that girl stands up for herself", like that's a bad quality in a person nowadays. Later the threesome spilled the beans to Auds, how much money does MTV spend on eyeliner? Somewhere in the world, an eyeliner factory is exploding due to these three's impossible power of defined eyes.

Another highlight was when Heidi said "This is like a porno pad" well now, you are living in a porno pad. Do the right thing, make a celebrity porno that gets leaked online, so I can watch it for free.

By the way, I in no way wish to turn this into a The Hills blog, by hey, it's a blog update.