Found it online, shit was uncredited, ain't my fault.



Adorable girl, Molly Lewis, longboarding to an adorable song. Will you be my girlfriend?
This song perfectly captures the spirit of summer.



Stop Terry Richardson.

If you are angry about the mistreatment and representation of women in fashion, stop blogging and re-posting photos by Terry Richardson. Richardson face charges for sexual harassment, coercion from the models that he has worked with, he has also been accused of publishing unauthorized nude photos.

Fashion magazines and the big fashion retailers are not listening, they are still hiring him. Boycott brands that still continue to hire this predatory photographer that is known for his blantantly promotes misogynistic and demeaning images of women.

Read coverage of the topic on Jezebel. And, also from Tavi Gevinson, here and here.

Feel free to reblog this image.


mr. dressup

Banksy dressed incognito, gluing his own work up at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
His British detective outfit is badass.


Goosebump theme song, fuck yeah, like that show you used to watch when you were little.
I always pause it before the creepy man's voice, it's still too much for me after all these years. I wish DMX would sample this, it sounds like him anyways.

ps. Please help me find a better way to put music on my blog. This is hideous.

MR. BRAIN WASH/megalomania



Mock or doc, I don't know, but what really matter was it it was so inspiring, more so than anything I've seen in a long time. This is what it feels like to live in the same age as a great period in art. We are no longer a lost generation, we have found our art.

photo from.


come on over

I think we have all forgotten how amazing this video is.
Young Christina Aguilera is so charming. So, here's a little reminder.


I haven't really been feeling any songs off Christina Aguilera's new album Bionic, but I Hate Boys is pretty sweet, it's co-written with LE TIGRE! Looking back, I'm pretty sure my absolute adoration of Can't Hold Us Down was my earliest foray into feminism. So, a Le Tigre x Christina collaboration is pretty monumental.

Listen to it over at Suicide Blonde's post.


dirty laces

Nike Blazer High Vintage.
Buy 'em at Tres Bien Shop.


I love this outfit, I need to make some shorts for summer maybe I should cuff them and wear them with garters. The huge sweater paired with slouchy shorts is great and then the black stockings just adds a layer of sexy bossiness on top of it all. And what is that scarf blazer combo? Want!



So much truth.
Also, suave is easily one of my favourite words in the English language, sauve motherfuckers.
By Lensbuster Syftningsfel. Via.



I finally got some new hair product and I'm so happy with this new one that I got. It's by Rusk, it's called Being Shocked, it texturizes awesomely and it isn't all goopy like the Garnier one I had before. Don't buy Garnier stuff, it gave me so many zits and didn't even work very well, plus the smell was so strangely fruity. So this Rusk stuff, you put it on when your hair is damp and it kind of thickens your hair's texture and makes it kind of messy but it's not really shiny at all. The container is super cute too. I got it at Winners for like for $5, so score!

ps. I'm going to YES YES Y'ALL tonight! I'm so excited. Whaaaaat am I going to wear?


After Sex: mila kunis + zoe saldana.




Rick Owen and Michele Lamy's bedroom.
If this isn't a bedroom for a puritan, I don't know what is.

The designer is exhibiting a copy of his bedroom in New York City, how very Tracey Emin of him, but except not. He says it was inspired by "Christ's empty tomb". And, I know this is really obvious, but it's sooooo nice. Look at that loaf of a mattress sitting so quietly on top of that flat surface of alabaster. I wanna fuck here.

Via Frillr.
Read the interview here, see more photos here.



This weekend I went to my best friend Kaitlyn's birthday party (Happy Birthday Kait!) and I wore my favourite piece of jewelery, I hardly ever wear accessories, so that's saying a lot. The only other piece I wear is this thick lucite bangle which is looking pretty worse for the wear.

I got this ring during my bike trip in 2006 in a little artisan's studio, in a little town in France and I always wear when I need some luck so it has quite a bit of sentimental value for me. So, when I arrived at the party I noticed that the ring wasn't on my finger anymore, I was super upset as I thought maybe it had slipped off when I was walking over to Kait's place as the ring has been feeling kind of loose lately. But alas, when I got home I found it safely in its little glass dish home and I decided to make a little photo tribute for it when I do lose it for reals, whenever that time comes.

Ring: La Tribu Rigaux

Ps. Sorry for the shitty photo quality, my roommate and I joke that our cameras are so bad that everything we take a photo of ends up looking like a hostage, so sorry for the hostage photo. And, this is my last post for a little while, I'm super busy this week. Bye!


Unbearable Lightness

Alexander Bergström, Paris, 2009.

Alexander is a talented photographer in Stockholm, Sweden. His work often feature nostalgic grainy nudes and has a way of depicting the subjects' personal style even when without clothes. Visit his blog or porfolio website.


The Notorious XX ( Biggie x The xx )

This whole mixtape is the shit. Summer jams.

Via Oh Swan.

Download the whole mixtape here.

cut like a buffalo

Alison Mosshart.
Fuck, you are so cool. I was pretty into The Kills when I was younger and I have just recently started listening to The Dead Weather and Alison is just as incredible if not more so now. I just love people with that "I don't give a fuck" attitude and completely disheveled black hair, that and beat up leather jackets.
First photo by Hedi Slimane, via Last fm.

That reminds me I told this really cool girl in my English class that I liked her leather jacket and I asked her where she got it, and she said Aritzia. I was super surprised, thinking it was vintage since it had this carelessly distressed look. And she then she said "Oh yeah, it was cause I was in a motorcycle accident last summer.".


Oh, and here's a Dead Weather video for your enjoyment.


"Bitches is like crabs in a bucket.
You see a bad bitch gettin' shine, you should love it.
Cause everytime a door opens for me that means you
Just gotta a better opportunity to do you.
They don't understand these labels look at numbers is statistics.
I lose, u lose, mines just logistics.
Neway, real bitches listen when I'm speakin'
Cause if Nicki win, then all of ya'll gettin' meetin's.
Ask LA Reid, ask Jay.
Then hit up Universal, see what Sylvia Rhone say.
Ask Craig Common, you can ask Chris.
Ladies when you're done, juts salute a bad bitch."

Still I Rise - Nicki Minaj


Button up, all the way done and hoodie on top. Really nice. I probably wouldn't wear these colours, youuuu know, I only wear shades (ha!) and button up shirts buttoned up all the way always make my boobs look weird, do I just need a looser one?

Via fashionsnap.com

I'm reading/audiobooking House of Mirth, it's an incredible book. I'm going to write more about it when I'm not so busy, summer school is killing me.


Emily Howard

"I'm a lady, I do ladies' things!"
I hope you like Little Britain. And just because I have an obsessive personality, here's a photo of a lady riding side saddle on an ostrich. One would not believe how many photos of colonial settlers and modern folks riding ostriches a simple Google search brings up.

Speaking of ostriches, have you seen The Song of Sparrows? It's a film about an ostrich farmer and his family.

riding dirty

Another Victorian photocollage.
This one really is quite beautiful. Reminds of this photo I once saw of a colonialist woman riding side saddle on a zebra. Here's a similar photo of "Osa" looking very elegant on zebra-back. Here's another one of Osa on a crocodile. Colonialists sure tried their best to feel at home in their new countries of residence.

Via Jezebel and Safarimuseum.com.


this woman's work

Victorian photocollage.
Victorian woman created these elaborate keepsakes out of photos and hand painted original works. They express a sense of whimsy and creativity that we so often don't get to see in Victorian society.

Via Jezebel.


little nugget

Welcome to another edition of fashionistaswhowishedtheywerejustinbieber.blogspot.com.
This is a hilarious interview of Biebs on Chelsea Handler, who is awesome by the way.
"What's up with Kim Kardashian's sister? You into Armenian girls?"

glass floor

Taken by my adorable and talented friend Belinda Love Lee.
This was taken at an installation at the OCAD show, viewers were invited to walk on the floor which was covered in pieces of broken clear glass.

This is normally a very stressful situation for me, I never have any idea about what to do with broken glass, throw it in the garbage? What if someone gets hurt? It could be anyone, the garbage crew, my roommates, my own soft flesh human flesh. Wrap it in some shit and then throw it in the trash? When I worked as a server the dishwasher always put it in the recycling bin, is that allowed? One time at a party, someone broke a mirror at my friend's place and they were cleaning it up but I was freaking out and kept insisting that it would best if we googled it before we proceeded in cleanup. Obviously noone listened. But when I got home I tried looking it up, apparently noone on the internet knew what to do with it, we're all doomed. One idiot on Yahoo Answers suggested that we avoid buying glass products, what? I just broke some glass right now, fuck preventative measures and your suggestion is stupid. Like I said, this is a stressful situation for me.

Listening to: Beach House and Scanners.


pain perdu

I made french toast today. I mean, to us it's french toast, but to them it's just toast. Basically, I used them as a delivery vehicle for syrup. It's gross, but Aunt Jemima tastes better and more like maple syrup than actual maple syrup, true story, I did a side by side taste comparison.

Oh another note, does anyone know where to get a cheap charger for a Lumix camera? I'm sick of taking all my photos with Photobooth.


Why are girls on bikes so hot?
http://lesbiansinsf.tumblr.com via The Hip Report.



Photo by Vanessa Jackman.

House of Carter

Instead of sleeping or reading for my English class I'm learning the lyrics for Aaron's Party (Come Get It).



Whoa. I applaud your dedication to Joy Division. everyoneknows.


I know I keep saying this but this summer I'm going to learn how to skateboard, and maybe get some white cutoffs.


Today my friends and I went to the OCAD art show, we looked at art, collected pretty business cards and experienced pangs of jealousy. But, mostly we just acted like hooligans and had impromptu photoshoots.
Middle oyster photo by Clair Jang.
We were too busy fooling around and I can't remember the names of other artists.

I has makes the art too.
Sharpie on canvas.
These shoes are a statement on luxury consumption and American immigration policies, just kidding.

All photos by my talented friend Amy Killoran.


"The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty, you know you're an artist."
- David Hockney


Written on the back: "We're trying to give Mom some modern ideas".
Via Kid Deuce.


Playboy swimsuit.
Via The Selvedge Yard.


"Sweet Pea"
Taken by Joey Ortega, a free spoken young hoodlum from South Central Los Angeles.

August 27th, 2009.


Florencia gang member. 1971.
Via Kid Deuce's Flickr.

My friends and I went to the OCAD show today, it was really inspiring, I'm so impressed with the quality of work that comes out of that school and I'm seriously thinking about taking a printmaking class. Now I really want to do something creative, but laziness always overrides all, I still need to make a header for this blog and clean my room. My friend Amy took some awesome pictures from the show so I'll try to post some when I get my hands on them.


Kitty Bieber

I'm not a creep, I promise. I just don't want to get a job this summer, I value my spare time too much. Sorry about the anatomically incorrect guitar.


Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits. Eve Arnold, 1961.


weed + wayfarers

Like all the other hipster douches, I love Jack Kerouac's On The Road.
Kirsten Stewart is set to star as Marylou in the new film adaptation of the beatnic classic. It looks like it's going to be amazing, it's directed by the same guy that did Motorcycle Diaries and Sam Riley from Control is playing Sal.



Here Lies Love, the new album by Fat Boy Slim and David Byrne which also features a plethora of female musical icons is fucking genius, buy it! And then stop complaining that nobody makes good music anymore. Thank you.

Here's my picks:
Santigold - Please Don't

Florence Welch - Here Lies Love

Martha Wainwright - Rose of Tacloban



UK based illustrator Richard Kilroy.

human hearts

“It is a fact that cannot be denied: the wickedness of others becomes our own wickedness because it kindles something evil in our own hearts.”

- Carl Jung


Surface to Air; Dusk Till Dawn.

Recently out singer, Ladyhawke is awesome. I love how all the villains in the video are so clearly labelled* and easily identifiable, especially the generic "Ghost" one, honesty really is the best policy. I've been posting so many videos lately, I'm so sick and am recovering in bed so I guess I'm just trying to keep myself entertained.

*Does labelled have two l's or one? It looks so much better with two l's, but spell check keeps red underlining it, I can't stand those red underlines, makes me feel intellectually poor.

ETA: Sorry, I just realized the screen capture on that video is terrifying, but watch it anyways, it's good. F U creepy white mask man, you're fucking with the aesthetics of my blog.


Designed by Julian Hansen.
"Something more humanistic, then?" and the path that leads to Comic Sans is pretty funny.
Click to enlarge.
This chart has inspired me to make a header for this blog, I think I'm going to use FF DIN.


If you like Modern Family and dramatic interpretations of Lady Gaga songs performed by gay men, you will like this.

"sweet and satisfying"

Caramel is one of the best films I've seen in a while. Beauty salons are a special place, true they do their part in holding up the Beauty Myth and drain woman's wallets but it is an intimate environment for women to bond and I love the chatter and the massages.
The first part of the film couldn't be embedded, but just go on youtube to watch the whole thing.

"On one hand, women are trained to be competitors against all others for "beauty"; on the other, when one woman - a bride, a shopper in a boutique - needs to be adorned for a big occasion, other women swoop and bustle around her in generous concentration in a team formation as effortlessly choreographed as a football play. These sweet and satisfying rituals of being all on the same team, these all-too-infrequent celebrations of shared femaleness, are some of the few shared female rituals left; hence their loveliness and power. But sadly, these delightful bonds too often dissolve when the women reenter public space and resume their isolated, unequal, mutually threatening, jealously guarded "beauty" status."
- Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth.



Francois Berthoud for Yohji Yamamoto.