exam time


Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present

Does MoMA have really nice lighting? I bet all these people have these photos as their facebook profile. See the rest here.



Have you guys seen? It's so cute. Bieber and Ellen, it's probably the happiest video on youtube. I need to learn to dance like Bieber so I can get all the laydees. Also, I'm sorry for turning this blog into fashionistaswhowishedtheywerejustinbieber.blogspot.com.

kesh + biebs

Fabulous tranny and adorable lesbian.
Pop music is so good these days. Notice Bieber's little tie, so cute. LLLUDA!


I like want to beeee you.

Via JakandJil.



I got a new haircut!
And now you know I'm dedicated to blagging because I took this in a computer lab cause my laptop is broken, mind you it was empty but I was still terrified someone would walk in and discover my most inner narcissus.

ALSO, shout out to Hipsterdykes for the shout out! Thanks girrrrl.


hedi x coachella

Hedi Slimane's at Coachella, taking yer photos.
What I would give to be at Coachella and have my photo taken by Hedi Slimane.

Feed Your Head.

Why are my colours always fucked when I upload them? Argh! Does anyone have a suggestion? Cause this is embarrassing.
I was inspired by a picture my friend Amy made, her's is better.
The background image is by photographer Martin Parr, who I'm a big fan of and I was lucky enough to catch his exhibition at the Jeu de Paume last summer in Paris. It was probably one of the best exhibitions I've seen, they also had lots of his collected pop culture objects too. Back to studying, but first, I'm going to Big Slice.


geisha neck

You know that feeling right after you get your haircut? There's always this settling in feeling, I guess it's kind of like when fake boobs 'drop' after surgery.
Well, I got my haircut yesterday so I'm still re-adjusting and I'm pretty much thinking about hair constantly, especially looking at everyone esle's haircut on the street. The hair at the nape of my neck is sorta creepy, like it doesn't really do anything or have a shape, compared to my old awesome short cut (only click the link if you must, atrocious photo quality ahead!). But I'm thinking, next time I'm going to ask the hairdresser to cut a little shape at the back of my neck, kind of tooth shaped inspired by geisha makeup, I think it'll look kind of adorable like a baby dinosaur.

Lastly, have you guys seen this? LOLtwilightz is hilarious. [sulks].

image via The Lonely Planet.


Old, but I love this forever. Tabloid gender issues. Also, I kind of got my haircut like Shiloh/John, post pic soon.



This is a perfect outfit. Via Childhood Flames.

Rebel Girl

Last night I played Rock Band for the first time, and I got 98% singing Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill. Did anyone else notice that the word she's a dyke is cut out? It's kind of bullshit. But, my friends and I painted our nails black (and yellow) before we played. So it was pretty awesome.



Another one from the photoshoot.
This skirt was inspired by 19th century women's side saddle riding habits.
Worn with blush coloured oxford shirt with extended plackets.

Photo: Michael Feswick; Model: Lara Kruzins


My friend Marisa made this for me, she is amazing, sometimes I wish I was her cat. You should read her blag, maybe it'll encourage her to update.


Silent Ninjas

Oh shit. So nice, Domir Doma.



Yes, yes, I would.

Leather and Kristen; Crismon and Clover

Very nice.


Go Ninja, Go.

Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja
I love people who submerse themselves in their own unique aesthetics, ultimately, I think that's what glamour is, it's that ability to live completely without compromises in your own aesthetic. And, the fact that they are sampling my favourite DDR song just puts it over the edge.


Land of Talk - It's Okay
Such a beautiful video and song, I especially love the imagery of the floating hair.

Unfortunately I won't be able to post much anymore, I think I broke my computer. I dropped it from my bed last week, I'm going to take it to Apple, see what they say, it probably won't be good though.


Things to do this summer.

1. Road trip to Detroit. Who's with me?
2. Finish my quilt.
3. Get my driver's license.
4. Make more clothes.

Yves Marchand + Romain Meffre, Ruins of Detroit.


any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart

I'm feeling really sick today and didn't really feel like doing any homework, so instead I just watched stuff online and ate some chicken noddle soup. I Can't Think Straight was ok, the acting was sort of awkward, but I enjoyed it. The Ẹdukatorṣ is really awesome, you can watch it on Youtube, that channel has the whole movie and he uploads lots of other wonderful independent films. Basically, it's a coming of age film about a group of young people dealing with their political idealisms, throw in a little anarchy, kidnapping and three good looking German kids.



I wish everything in my life was arranged and labeled in a linear scale.

Whatever You Like

Anna Marina, Whatever You Like (T.I. cover)


picks the apfel

François-Marie Banier


Go see The Runaways if you haven't already. Wide release is this Friday.
I just found a Kristen Stewart tumblr so I added it to my Google Reader.
I went to see Mass Ex tonight, it was pretty awesome, congrats to all the other designers and to the communication and theatre students, you guys all did a wonderful job. Thanks to everyone that came out to see the show!



A moodboard I made back in September for my thesis collection. I really had no idea what I was going to do yet back then so I chose Surrealism as my theme, but I think androgyny is actually a more accurate title for the board and that's what I chose to work on for the year.


ink + paper

A sketch of my thesis collection.