I haven't been posting as much this month, sorry! Mostly it's because I've been getting stoned and watching Six Feet Under for the majority of October. I finally finished the series, so now it's back to life as normal a slacker.
But, the show is seriously amazing, the characters are all so lovingly developed and it probably contains the most awesome and beyond stereotypical* LGBT characters to ever grace our televisions.

*I say this because I watched ANTM for the first time in a long time tonight, and if I didn't know better I would think that all gay men were only into dressing and acting flamboyantly and that girls are only lesbians because they were all sexually abused as 11 year olds.



David Suzuki
Saw Force of Nature tonight, the documentary about Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki, it was pretty good. I'm all about this dude, he's so cool, and using Arcade Fire's
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) during the closing credits is full of swag.

And since there's no one else around
We let our hair grow long
And forget all we used to know
Then our skin gets thicker
From living out in the snow



RIP Ari Up, you sure were no typical girl.


American Police
I'm pretty sure this is a real magazine, if I can find a copy of this IRL I'd have so much cred.
Oh yeah this reminds me, happy new mayor my dearest Toronto.




'"All the designers I have met up to this point have been very nice, although upon being introduced to Karl Lagerfeld, he looks me up and down and dismisses me with the not super-kind, ‘What can you write that hasn’t been written already?’

He’s absolutely right. I have no idea. I can but try. The only thing I can come up with at that moment is that Lagerfeld’s powdered white ponytail has dusted the shoulders of his suit with what looks like dandruff but isn’t. Also, not yet having undergone his alarming weight loss, and seated on a tiny velvet chair, with his large doughy rump dominating the miniature piece of furniture like a loose, flabby, ass-flavoured muffin from its pan, he resembles a Daumier caricature of some corpulent, inhumane oligarch drawn sitting on a commode, stuffing his greedy throat with the corpses of dead children, while from his other end he shits out huge, malodorous piles of tainted money. How’s that for new and groundbreaking, Mr. L?"

— David Rakoff writes, in his few-years-old and brilliant essay book Don’t Get Too Comfortable, about the one time he was sent by some magazine (Vogue, most likely; no big deal) to cover the couture shows. I presume he was not invited back.'

Via SNP.
Gargantua. Honoré Daumier, lithograph,


AH! Why did I throw away my palazzo pants during my last move? I need them for my Liza Minnelli costume. And, by Liza Minnelli I really mean Lucille Austero, as in Lucille 2, with vertigo and club sauce.



Jane Morris
May Morning, Jane Morris, by J. Robert Parsons.
Morris is shown here in an unadorned heavily draped silk dress with long sleeves and minimal accessories, all typical of aesthetic fashion.

Aesthetic dress was a protest against the contemporary fashion for bustles and restrictive corsets of the 19th century. The trend was started by the Pre-Raphaelites and was mostly concentrated to a small community of middle class intellectuals, artistic and literary people.

Aesthetic fashions were mostly made of wool, Liberty silk or velvet, the dresses were cut looser and unstructured in the style of medieval or Renaissance garments. Corset free women were not only "loose waisted" but also considered to have loose morals and many of the Aesthetic women were thought slightly Bohemian and beyond normal social conventions and morals of the time.


In the suburbs I learned to drive...

If I had a flying car, I'd do this to my friends. Speaking of which I'm taking driving lessons in Aurora now, gotta get my driver's lessons in November, like an adult.



Untitled (plum and dark brown). Mark Rothko
, 1964.
Don't forget to wear purple tomorrow today to show your support for LGBT kids who have or are being bullied.



Ice Cream Factory Outlet
Last one, from that roll anyways.
This place is just down the street from me, my neighbourhood is full of interesting storefronts.


1. My old roommate's dog Lexi.
2. An ode to Juergen Teller with the shoes I diy'ed for my birthday.
3. A beautiful sign near by house, this is one of my favourites from the roll, if I had money I'd buy this sign and hang it in my house, I love it so much.


I'm a terrible paht tyme bloggah, but thanks to a little encouragement from my friend Kavi, I'm now back. Here's a lazy post to get me started. These are some shots from the first roll of film I took with the Minolta I got at the Cabbagetown garage sale back in September, but you probably don't know about that because I only planned to write a post about it in my head, head blogging is much easier than real blogging.



“When I was young,
Nostalgia was a tiny stamp,
Me on this side,
Mother on the other side.

When I grew up,
Nostalgia was a narrow boat ticket,
Me on this side,
Bride on the other side.

But later on,
Nostalgia was a low, low grave,
Me on the outside,
Mother on the inside.

And at present,
Nostalgia becomes a shallow strait,
Me on this side,
Mainland on the other side.”


Via Gray Sky.


I know this is like, old or wotever now, but I'm still liking it. Barbra Streisand.



From Federico Fellini's Satyricon.
I love this movie, it's so decadent and the costumes are beyond wonderful.


for colored girls
This is the poster art for the upcoming film For Colored Girls, the illustration is done by Marion Bolognesi. It's so great to see illustrations being used, it's completely striking in a sea of busy photographed movie posters.


Clothes Make the Scene

Free time is awesome. Today I made an essential Artful Costumes film list on Mubi.com, complete with snazzy pictures, check it out, I had a lot of fun making it. I felt like I was putting my research skills to good self-indulgent use, obviously I haven't seen all 123 films so I had to look them up.
I've also been reading a lot, right now I'm almost finished On Beauty by Zadie Smith, it took a while to get into but now I'm really enjoying myself.

1. Juliet of the Spirit. 2. El Topo. 3. Orlando.