I'll be your friend, let's stay 'till the end.



Day six: Favourite Book Character.
Lady Brett Ashley, The Sun Also Rises.
Brett is the heartbreaker in the canonical novel about a group of disaffected expats living in post-war Europe. Dearest Brett: you are everything I love in a woman: recklessly adventurous, impulsive, completely irresponsible, charming and miserable*. You flit through Europe in jaunty jersey with your fashionably bobbed hair, boozing and charming your way, leaving a trail of bills to settle and discussions to be finished on the meaninglessness of life. Tell me how could I not love you.
Dearest Jake. I'm so sorry to have drawn you as a Communist cyborg. Stop. Forgive me. Kitty.
 *I don't actually condone misery, I just find it hopelessly romantic.



Day 5: Best Friends
Let me introduce you to my friends: Esther who is so lovely and artful and with whom I love exploring new places with - even if those places are confined the internet right now. Markus, my partner in endless strolls and dearly missed debates. And, Kaitlyn who has been my confidant since first year when we attempted a brief stint in Myspace celebritism and whom I would like to award 'prettiest hair'. I'm honestly blessed to have such good people in my life. 

*Esther, I'm sorry for the weird hair in your face, it was supposed to be a flirty little wisp, I apologize for my heavy-handedness.



Day Four: Favourite Place.
A bed with sheets like cabbage roses.
Forgive me as I am about to present to you the sketch equivalent of too little too late. My friends and I barbecued and went to go see fireflies in the New Territories tonight, alas no fireflies were found, I guess mating season is over for them. I'll leave you with these photos I took in Tai Long Wan when the summer was still new. It's probably my favourite place in Hong Kong.


"Turn soft and lovely any time you have a chance" - Jenny Holzer



Day 3: Favourite Food.
Again with the favourite thing, too many to just choose just one. I guess most of my favourite foods are pretty un-photogenic: pho, grass jelly, tofu pudding, mochi, tomato and egg stir-fry. 
So in the end I went with cake, a very rushed red velvet one if you wanna be specific; got home so late from work tonight.



Day Two: Favourite Animal. All of them?
Drawing animals is so much more fun than drawing myself propped up against a mirror. I wasn't really sure what my favourite animal was but I've been seeing a lot of corgis being walked in my neighbourhood and they never fail to elicit a squeal of delight from me when I see one. But then after I drew this I thought maybe I should have drawn a primate or a monkey, they're actually my favourite I guess, but really I like all the animals.



Day One: Yourself.

I'm doing the 30 Day Drawing Challenge with my friend Esther Kim.
Excuse this one, it's sort of ugly, I know. It's day one and I'm racing against the midnight deadline. Also, I really need to buy a scanner I promise it's slightly less heinous IRL.

I'm looking forward to not having to draw myself tomorrow, self-portraits are way hard, you stare at yourself for so long trying to draw you end up having no idea what you look like, like those horrible words you keep repeating in your head until they lose all meaning.



'Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.'
- Berthold Auerbach

I bought a ukulele recently, inspired by my dear friend Esther Kim, have you read her blog? You should. So now after work I come home and practice my Jason Mraz and Death Cab for Cutie songs. Making music (or it's more just like noise right now) soothes and refreshes my soul.