I scanned this, sorry it's crooked, the computer I'm working on doesn't have Photoshop. Rei Kawakubo, Six magazine 2/1988. I especially like the sleeves and how the stripes match up at the seam, it's so dignified yet eccentric.

Good Feelings

Glory days. Versace 1994 advertisement.
I remember my mom had a pair of patent pink loafer mules kind of like these and I was always trying to borrow them.


Ladies' things.

John Rawlings. March 15, 1943, Vogue.
ETA: This is my 100th post! Ya!


The weather is so bullshit right now, its snowing non stop. I haven't even been outside yet, well that's a lie, I went down to the conveniences store to get a rice krispie square, but other than that, I haven't. Here are two qts to console us.


Squishable Bodies

Meet my new friends, courtesy of an old friend. I came home from the lab tonight and found these little pets waiting patiently inside a parcel. I love their squishable bodies. Still working on my collection, I'll be done so soon, frightening.


Androgynous Study in Grey

Sofia Coppola.
I would like to make this my daily uniform, it would be such a step up from my yoga pants with holes and counterfeit Uggs.



I just read Raf Simon's book. Mind blown. It had a double page spread of this image near the beginning, bask in the glory.



Saw this on www.greytheblog.com and its too adorable not to repost. Pompon! Tampon!

Stone Cold Fox

Lara Stone, looking oh so pretty for Jil Sander's FW 2008, 2009 ad campaign. I just started watching LA Ink and I loooove it. Those people are so talented, and I love Kat Von D.


Mario Testino, sometime in the 90's.


Lou Doillon, French Playboy. I think. I'm such a photo hoarder, but I'm constantly afraid of my computer crashing, I've got some many pictures everywhere. My desktop is so cluttered and I have so many photo folders, I really need to start dealing with them.


This girl looks so fucking cute, I like your socks. via Pixie Market. Listening to lots of kd lang lately, La Roux, Joan Jett and Neko Case.


gluey feathers on a flume

Devon Aoki in "Allen Jones: Wearable Art" by Sean & Seng. Via Frillr.

Friend Face

I love Quatchi, here he is with his friend MukMuk.* I got to hang out with Quatchi all night cause my friends have this awesome Quatchi blanket, we enjoyed some spooning and a little snacking. I found these pics on Flickr, but I don't know who took them, but whoever you are, thank you for your adorable gift to the internets.

* Note: Sorry for being presumptuous, but I think Quatchi is a he. He seems kind of like he belongs in the gay bear community. I think he enjoys perverted activities and being a peeping tom at times.

her beauty and the moonlight overthrow you.

Joni Mitchell, Spirit Bear, Sarah Mclachlan and then kd lang! I guess I could say that yes, I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's opening ceremony. kd lang's performance was pure beauty, the way she sings is so unbelieveable, I was sooo excited when she came onstage, me and my friends were not expecting to see her (but we were wishfully hoping). Also, might I add that with kd and that awesome punk rock fiddler Ashley Macisaac (which I only heard for the first time tonight, and loved) this is probably the gayest olympics ever. So, THANK YOU CANADA! I can't think of many other countries who wouldn't be afraid to let such talented and openly gay stars represent them in such a worldwide event. I'm so proud to be Canadian right now.
Well, it's late and I'm off to the the Pride Pavillion for the night.


Long Live the King

The creative world lost a supernova today, Alexander McQueen was a true visionaire; he was transcendent. His work has always had a huge impact on me, especially the Highland Rape collection, his bumster pants and his many extraordinary runaway presentations. The wet hair during that colourful underwater show, Kate Moss's hologram, Shalom Harlow spraypainted by a machine, he has created so many images that will always resonate in my head. You were the king.
Requiescat in pace


I had to make a badass tag just for shit like this. Using legal loopholes for good these women are sailing to countries where abortions are illegal and bring women on board and providing them with safe abortions. I'm rrrrreally pro-choice, anti-abortionists make me lose my shit. Pro "life" is ANTI life, and ANTI WOMEN! Fuck them. Click here to watch the trailer. If anyone knows where they're showing the film/own it, msg me, I want to see it.


I can't believe I just discovered this video now, its so fucking badass. Also, speaking of badassery, subscribe to Kathleen Hanna's blag. I guess if I could relive a time, I would have to pick 80's/90's, but as a girl in her 20's and hang out with other Riot Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrls. I'm off to make a zine now.

Also, I was chatting with my mom today and we were talking about new movies we wanted to see. And I told her I was trying to only watch movies (well that I have to pay for) that have been directed by women. And then she jokingly asked if I was gay now? ("Arrrr you gaaaay?" Me and Margaret Cho may or may not have the same mother.) I guess my mom thinks feminism is only for lesbians?



Cashmere, John Singer Sargent. 1908
I love this painting because I always imagined this group of women were on a long journey somewhere draped in their huge, luscious cashmere shawls. But actually, it was Sargent's 11 year old niece in seven poses. And, I think Bill Gates owns it, lucky bastard.


Side Saddle Practicality

I'm obsessed with apron inspired clothes right now, it started when I was researching safety skirts for side saddle riding which were designed after the working class uniform: aprons. Also reminds me of me of this editorial in the 90's that I saw when I was a kid, the model was dressed in all these minimalist butcher's apron garbs. That set of images really stuck with me, I wish I could find it, but it was in an Asian mag in HK, so I don't even know where to start.

O yaaah, top dress is from Collard Manson, the bottom is a silk + rayon Yohji piece.



"wanna die in beat city and run, run, run
wanna hang with girls and shoot my gun
wanna catch the rays off the sun
wanna drink and drive and have some fun"
- The Ravonettes

This song perfectly captures what I feel like right now. I'm drowning in school work and am in desperate need of some reckless fun.


YOU HAVE NEVER WORN MCQUEEN = Best insult(?) of life



Also, playing this song on repeat right now.The whole album is based on the life of Imeda Marcos. How fuckin' rad is that? I mean the concept is fuckin' rad, not getting in the politics shit. Fat Boy Slim + DAVID BYRNE + Florence Welsh! Enuff said.