The Old Leather Pumpkin

One of my roommates just asked me if I caught the game.
I'm pretty sure that's the first time in my life anyone has asked me that.


Junk Eyes

Rewatching Twilight on Youtube, again. Bella is pretty. Haters to the left.

Are you going to watch New Moon next month?


This is What Heaven is Like.

You have to watch this! Like, literally, if you like cupcakes and hot Korean hunks, this video will make you sweat, wet! I have no idea what they are saying, but it's a language I understand. The guy at 0.46 seconds is my favourite. Oh yeeeeah, throw in a hot French guy in band. Yummy pastries! "Mmmmm" noises. Boy giggles.

AND THEN BAM! 4 GAY KISSES at the end! How did I not see this coming? Still, I can appreciate it.

Chicky chicky mo mo.


Cool, Soft, Casual

Just love how cool and effortless these converses look paired with dotted silk pajama pants.

via The Sartorialist

Kelly! What Are You Going to Do With Your Life?

Kelly (of Shoes! fame) tries her hand at music producing, hilarity ensues.


Ellen Page's Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is enjoying their (Canadian) Thanksgiving!


All I Wanted, Was a Room with a View

I was just reading the plot line for The Silence of the Lambs on Wikipedia, and thump! I turned around and looked at my window, there in the middle was a brown little birdish thing... Dead? Alive? Human brain eater? Who knows. Lucky for me, my roommate came in and tapped on the window and the poor little thing "flew" away. I guess I'm making one of those bird stickers this weekend.


Limi Feu

I would love to have a closet of Limi Feu, modern, comfortable, and injecting everyday with a hint of the avantgarde.

image via tfs.


With instant information sharing services like Twitter, fashion week is becoming a whole other game. Photos are uploaded minutes if not seconds after a model walks down the runway, images of fashion show from Milano, Paris and New York are being distributed at almost instant speed to anyone who is interested in fashion via the world wide web. It seems like the public no longer needs the elusive invitation to attend these exclusive shows, but it remains to be shown if this democratization of information will continue as sites like Twitter are still relatively new. It seems like a great opportunity for budding fashionistas in small towns and fashion students to catch a slice of the exciting world of the big 4 Fashion Weeks.

Above is a photo from the Rick Owen's collection posted on twitter during the show.

photo via