Adios My Love.

Hi guys, I'm now blogging from http://kittynwong.blogspot.hk where I'm hoping to post more original content with things that I make and things that I draw. Follow me on there. 
I will miss this blog dearly, it's been my little baby for the past five years but I'm a terrible blogger and could never keep up with two blogs.

All of luff.
Also, creep me on Twitter @kittynwong. #NoStalker



“The Queen must never appear to be chic, for there is an unkindness to chic, and Her Majesty must never appear to be unkind” - Hardy Amies, British Vogue.

Happy Diamond Jubilee! I was in Taipei, my friends and I celebrated by talking in very inaccurate British accents for the day, and because we couldn't resist for a few days after as well.