Goals for fall: Get a job; buy some brogues.
Moving tomorrow, still haven't finished packing.

1. Katherine Hepburn. 2. Common Projects.



Owls are weird.
"Obviously a Pokemon."


Photographer Corinne Day passed away this weekend after her battle with a brain tumour, she was only fourty-five. Day was known for discovering the 14 year old Kate Moss and for her anti-fashion, anti-glamour style of photography. Of the glossy airbrushed images frequently seen in fashion magazines, Day has said "they're stale, just about sex and glamour, when there are other elements of beauty."
This post is a small tribute to the legendary photographer, RIP.



These are all my favourite Hipster Kitties, they accurately describe my life. I was unhygienic before it was trendy. Fact: I once tried to change my Facebook name to Daguerreo Type but FB wouldn't let me. Oh, maybe I should try Daguerre O'Type. I made the last one about the cute girl and the camera. Tonight: made internet meme collage instead of packing for move.


This accurately describes my life.

top chef

Remember Ashley Merriman from Top Chef Season 6? So adorbs.



Racegoers at Warwick Farm racecourse
Racegoers at Warwick Farm racecourses. Sydney, 1934.


Takashi Murakami x Britney Spears for POP Magazine's September issue.



My friend Markus and I went to see Joan River's documentary last night and I was blown away. It's amazing to get a glimpse behind the legend that is Joan Rivers. Her work ethic is insane, that woman works incredibly hard and you really get a sense of how brave she is for working as a female comedian in the 1950's and also now, continually doing stand-up well into her 70's. Not to mention Joan Rivers is fucking hilarious. Go see it, tip: Varsity is like half off on Tuesday, how did I not know this? The poster art is really beautiful too, it's classy like the wood paneled phone she uses throughout the film.


Foxcroft school, Slim Aarons.
"Foxcroft girls lead a sheltered but Spartan life—no lipstick, sturdy brown oxfords and unheated sleeping porches. There are no fripperies like weekend proms. There is riding instead." —Peggy Downey, Sports Illustrated 1963

From Tomboystyle, thanks for the recommendation Amy.



"Let us live, therefore, cheerfully, although there be no lasting joy in mortal things, whose substance is evanescent, inane, and vacuous. But if there is any good thing by which you would adorn this stage of life, we have not of such been cheated: rest, serenity, modesty, self-restraint, orderliness, change, fun, entertainment, society, temperance, sleep, food, drink, riding, sailing, walking, keeping abreast of events, meditation, contemplation, education, piety, marriage, feasting, the satisfaction of recalling an orderly disposition of the past, cleanliness, water, fire, listening to music, looking at all about one, talks, stories, history, liberty, continence, little birds, puppies, cats, consolation of death, the common flux of time, fate and fortune, over the afflicted and favoured alike. There is good in the hope for things beyond all hope; good in the exercise of some art in which one is skilled; good in meditation upon the manifold transmutation of all nature and upon the magnitude of Earth"
- Girolamo Cardano


My wonderful friend Kaitlyn invited me and a few of our friends to her family's cottage in Alexandria Bay on the St. Lawrence River, it was a beautiful weekend. We wandered around the quaint little town, played on the river, got to know her family, explored the castle where Kaitlyn's twin, Jocelyn works and went to a craft fair where they had amazing popcorn, soaps, fried dough and lemonade.



In The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, Wolf takes a historical look at the rise of Fascism, outlining the 10 steps necessary for a Fascistic group (or government) to destroy the democratic character of a nation-state and subvert the social/political liberty previously exercised by its citizens:

  1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
  2. Create secret prisons where torture takes place.
  3. Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens.
  4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
  5. Harass citizens' groups.
  6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
  7. Target key individuals.
  8. Control the press.
  9. Treat all political dissidents as traitors.
  10. Suspend the rule of law.
Maybe except for 8 and 9, all of these things happened in some degree during the G20 summit here in Toronto a few months ago. Now, can you see why we must speak up?


kill yo self

Did one guy just skateboard off one building onto another?


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So I recently signed up for Okcupid, blame my friend Rachel and Jezebel.com. And when you answer 50 questions about yourself they make these awesome personalized dating graphs for you. Aren't they fun?



View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm—The Oxbow. Thomas Cole, 1836.

The first coherent school of American art, the Hudson River painters, helped to shape the mythos of the American landscape. Beginning with the works of Thomas Cole (1801-1848) and Asher B. Durand (1796-1886).

The artists who came to maturity in the years of egalitarian Jacksonian democracy and expansion translated these ideals into an aesthetic that was sweeping and spontaneous. Like the vast nation that lay before them, which they celebrated not chauvinistically but with a sense of awe for its majestic natural resources and a feeling of optimism for the huge potential it held, the Hudson River painters depicted a New World wilderness in which man, minuscule as he was beside the vastness of creation, nevertheless retained that divine spark that completed the circle of harmony.

Read more.


Roland Bello in Puglia.


First trailer for Black Swan!



Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels. Jean Fouquet, 1450.


Cotton Candy Clouds. Will Cotton, 2004.

Ramona Come Closer

1. Does anyone know who the photographer is? It's not Tim Walker is it? 2. Lily Allen. 4. Album art for New Order's Power, Lies & Corruption. 6. Pop Magazine. 7. Tim Walker, 1998. 9. Radar Magazine. 10.VIA. 11. Coolest girl in the world, green hair and Black Flag denim jacket.

I saw Scott Pilgrim last night and it's awesome. It's so multicultural and gay with lots of kick ass female characters. You should go see it. I don't know if I want to be or be with Ramona Flowers and am obsessed with the idea of dyeing my hair a cool pastel colour. Pink or blue?



Damn! I didn't finish The Beauty Myth tonight like I had planned to, instead I was sucked into the world of girls on fixed gears, it is all very enjoyable. What are these new feelings you say? It's okay, I know, don't worry it's healthy.

1. Bicycle Girls of Bali by D. Hump
2. VIA.



angelica saved by ruggiero

Angelica Saved by Ruggiero from the cover of The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women

I've literally been reading this book for four years, my roommate from 1st year can testify, but it's just cause I've been reading it like this, but I'm finally on the last few pages. The book is endlessly fascinating, enlightening and at times disturbing, you should most definitely read it.

"The Beauty Myth examines beauty as a demand and as a judgment upon women. Wolf examines how modern conceptions of women's beauty impact the spheres of employment, culture, religion, sexuality, eating disorders, and cosmetic surgery.

Wolf argues that women in Western culture are damaged by the pressure to conform to an idealized concept of female beauty—the Iron Maiden throughout modern society, from Victorian Times to today. She argues that the beauty myth is political, a way of maintaining the patriarchal system. It allows women to enter the labour force, but under controlled conditions. She also claims that this system keeps women under control by the weight of their own insecurities. The beauty myth is sometimes viewed as succeeding The Feminine Mystique, which relegated women to the position of housewife, as the social guard over women. In this sense, Wolf claims that public interest in a woman's virginity has been replaced by public interest in the shape of her body."

From Wikipedia.


Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo.

A really interesting short documentary about Real Dolls and their creator Matt McMullen. McMullen has such creepy/cool vibes kind of like Rick Owens
(anatomically correct?). I'm not going to get into discussing Real Dolls cause obviously there are no right answers but many conflicting opinions (even in my own mind much less between different individuals), so just enjoy the video. California Is a Place also makes a bunch of other super interesting and well produced documentaries too so check 'em out.


img heavy #5

1. Bumpy van ride pizza eating during Parallel's Dry Blood video shoot. 2,3. Extreme nail matching, making wedding invitations is fun. 4. Playing Mind Game/Chair Personality game at Bisogno with Markus. It's my new favourite coffee place. 5. Toronto Island, tanning, sand metropolis building and fire making. 6. "Pasteurized Processed Cheddar Cheese Product". 7. "I bought it at "Ver-sayce". Name that movie. 8. Someone at my house really likes bananas. 8. Megabus corn on the cob eating, you can't see it here, but her friend was also drinking a can of Red Stripe.