I'm really on an androgyny kick lately, not that I don't like it usually, but I'm hooked on The L Word and I can't stop watching it on Youtube. And, Shane! The style, the hair, everything. I'm loving her, but then again who doesn't? She inspired me to start looking for some pictures of good androgynous looks. I like these, but the creepers are doing nothing for me. I always thought shoes should be about sex, but maybe its refreshing to see shoes that say you don't give a fuck. Sometimes its nice to stomp around. Maybe there's a new direction coming. The lace, the stilettos (I hate that word), drapiness, dainty jewelery. Its gotta go. Sorry, its getting late. I should sleep. That drapiness comment is going to come back and bite me in the ass. What am I even even talking about?

Well, anyways, here's to 2010.
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Leeky Leek

My wonderful and talented friend Amy K and I made this! She took the photos, aren't they so beautiful? I'm so impressed. We made this leek and turkey pie with puff pastry on top last night; it was so delicious and we were so full. I want to put puff pastry on top of everything now, it makes it look so impressive. Maybe I'll layer some on top of my next essay, up the page count and make it more attractive to TA marking it.

We got the recipe from Jamie Oliver's show. I think he calls it sweet leek pie. Next time I make this (which will probably be soon) I think I'll add more leeks, they had a really mild flavour. It was suprising how much dirt was inside the leeks, I know cooking shows always say that, but it's true. And, cutting the leeks really hurt my eyes, its probably the onion family's way of revenge for eating so many of their relatives.

Photos: Amy Killoran


Gainsbourg + Beck

New (ish) song, so pretty and so catchy. Love the imagery in the video and Charlotte is as beautiful and French as ever.


The Joys of Styrofoam

I've talked about siu yeh before, the decidedly Cantonese midnight meal. When I was a kid I always imagined I would have a cool boyfriend that would bring me siu yeh when I would have to stay up late at home. Usually I imagined he would bring me Portugese chicken, which I don't even think exists in Portugal; or maybe something from Cafe de Coral.

But anyways, this post isn't about my imaginary Chinese boyfriend. It reminded me of how much I loved opening a stack of hot white styrofoam take out boxes (sorry Al Gore) full of greasy cheap resturant food preferably after 11pm. It just feels so warm and decadent in a weird way. So when I saw Take Away as I was browsing the Colette online store. I thought what a great idea for a book, and I bet it has lots of yummy pictures.



The lovely + intriguing Mata Hari! I'm definitely getting a Lady Gaga Bad Romance vibe from this.
I just started watching Freaks and Geeks and am totally addicted to it now! James Franco is so cute. Crinkle face smile!

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How cute is this dude? I found it on Life archives from a series about the people who keep unconventonal pets. Some people even had lions. I want one, just imagine touching their pawzies!

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A beautiful bunch!
I think I'm going to add more random photos I like on here from now on. This winter break I'm staying in Toronto, and since I've been slacking off for most of the break, I really have to hustle for the last few weeks to get everything I planned to do for my thesis collection. So it's draft, sew + repeat from now on. Oh! And I went to Telio today to check out their fabric, they have some nice stuff. I'm ordering a grey mesh and some thick knits for pants.



That's my mom, dad and I eating siu yeh in Hong Kong in the late 80's. I'm pretty sure this was at the resturant underneath our buiding when we lived on Bailey St.. I love the Chungking Express vibe + my dad's expression is priceless.



"The myths surrounding the hymen were created to control women's freedom and sexuality. The only way to counteract this is by disseminating knowledge."
– Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), Sweden.

Now you know <3