My favourite element is earth. This is my design for the Montreal competition Telio, we were asked to submit sketches based on the four elements: earth, wind, water and fire.

On a separate note: I once made a vow to never eat low-fat yogurt, I mean, that stuff is just nasty, and besides, yogurt is not the thing that's making you fat. But, today at my grocery store, low-fat yogurt was on sale for 99c. Deal! So, I picked up a bucket of strawberry. When I came home and opened the lid, inside I found some liquid pink muck, not really the 4.5% Mediterranean stuff I was used to. I just have listened to my instinct. Don't buy low-fat yogurt.


esther said...

Low fat yogurt is evil. Much more tolerable than low fat mayo, though.

Markus said...

I miss you like you miss full fat yogurt.