Burger Date

Real burgers with my fake fiancee Kait, over in her Eastside hood, the historic Cabbagetown in Toronto. Gourmet Burger, the semi-new joint has been blogged about all over town and after hearing good reviews from all her housemates I couldn't wait to try it. And, no, they don't have poutine, don't ask.
I got the Aussie burger: a Canadian farm raised beef patty complete with sliced beets, fresh pineapple and a fried egg on top. Double the protein (not that I work out). Although the take-out oriented storefront was a bit small, with minnial seating, the smiling friendly staff more than made up for it. Next time I'm going to try the sweet potato fries and old fashioned milkshake.

Wrapped like a little present.

482 Parliament Street
Toronto, ON

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