her beauty and the moonlight overthrow you.

Joni Mitchell, Spirit Bear, Sarah Mclachlan and then kd lang! I guess I could say that yes, I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's opening ceremony. kd lang's performance was pure beauty, the way she sings is so unbelieveable, I was sooo excited when she came onstage, me and my friends were not expecting to see her (but we were wishfully hoping). Also, might I add that with kd and that awesome punk rock fiddler Ashley Macisaac (which I only heard for the first time tonight, and loved) this is probably the gayest olympics ever. So, THANK YOU CANADA! I can't think of many other countries who wouldn't be afraid to let such talented and openly gay stars represent them in such a worldwide event. I'm so proud to be Canadian right now.
Well, it's late and I'm off to the the Pride Pavillion for the night.

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