img heavy #8

img heavy: Home Away from Home, mostly chronological edition.
1. Japanese 'Handsome Guy' Tofu. That shit cost me $7CAD, but yeah, it was delicious. 2. Note: I'm still in HK, there's just a plethora of Japanese snacks here too strange not to photograph, exhibit A: White Water For Men, 'cause clear water is too feminine. 3. Vancouver Airport. 4. East Van living, thank you Amy J. for letting me stay at your awesome new digs and also for letting me use your East Van living essentials: Dr. Bronner's Castile Magic Soap and Tom's fennel toothpaste. You can't see it here but I'm also wearing a onesie. 5. Adelaide and Esther across an ocean from me after farewell dinner at Hoof Cafe. 6. Sleepovers and museum days with Lindsay, go see the Agnes Martin stuff, it blew me away. 7. Kaitlyn in a pastoral scene. We go uptown and this is what we find. 8. Pups in sweaters on the TTC.

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