img heavy #9

two suns
snake herbs
cat port
garlic art
img heavy: All I Do Is Eat edition.
1. Apocalyptic view of the IFC tower, and are those two suns I see? Star Harbour, TST. Word to your mothers: The world ends in 2012. 2. Go to Uniqlo with new Brazilian friend Yuri, try on same clothes. Obviously we are robots and we are unable to love. 3,4. Snake soup! I has eats it. Various snake displays at snake soup place. 5. 'Cat Port'. How do they make it? 6. My parents at IKEA. 7. High tea at the Intercontinental Hotel, full baller mode. 8. Ramen in Central, I make garlic cave art.


Marisa said...

1. fucking cat port, I'm going to live out my life in this drinking cat port from the bottle, rearranging my weave all day.

2. I love the round little cake display.

Mint said...

Salut ma belle amie. Tu me manque. Jsuis fiere de toi.