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OC CrewChloe!Flash. Two Gaylords.
Lane Crawford x Opening Ceremony Opening Party.
Welcome to a much need break from job hunting, enter me sipping free Veuve, snacking on ice cream cones and paparazzi-ing Chloe Sevigny.
I was invited by my Chocola BB* who works at the hotel where the OC crew are staying. These people are seriously cool, but the coolest part was undoubtedly seeing the smiling parents of the brand's creators. All in a row, sitting happily on the shoe benches amongst the Kirkwoods and the Louboutins, you could just see it in their faces how proud they were of their kids!
I brought along my Minolta with the banana sticker, enjoy the results.

1. Shirley + Su from Opening Ceremony.
2. Chloe! And, some cute guys with beards.
3. Lots of local celebrities in attendence.
4. Two gaylords.

*Chocola BB is my new favourite word, it's from a super annoying 'beauty drink' commerical here in HK. I know, beauty drink? Like, what the fuck is that? But, just sing along, Chocola BBBBBBB, it's good right? Catchy.

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