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 This is what I've been so busy working on for the last few months. In early March, I sent in my submission for the Redress Ecochic Design Awards and was chosen to be one of the 12 semi-finalists! I was ecstatic and got to work right away. We had just over a month to create from scratch two eco-friendly outfits: one from upcycled fabrics and the other using a zerowaste technique. That's my inspiration board at the top; my theme was 'Memory & Forgetting'. And then you have my sketch ideas for the two outfits and the proposed pattern for the zerowaste garment which is that greyish double skirted dress.

We just finished the semi-final judging a few weeks ago and we're still waiting on the results so very eagerly. In addition, we did a workshop at the K11 Art Mall to show people how to make upcycled scarves to generate some PR interest. But most importantly, to get people to vote for us for the People's Choice Award! Click here to check out my stuff and to VOTE FOR ME! It's open worldwide and you just need an email or Facebook account.


Michael said...

I voted!

m : )

liingy said...

Hi Kitty,

Hope this finds you well!

My business partner and I are launching a website for emerging designers this summer. We have a unique "crowd-funding" approach that helps designers raise money to produce their styles. Is this something you may be interested in exploring?

Quick background about our team:

I worked at Gucci in HK as an Assistant Buyer (covering Leather Goods, Belts, Sunglasses, Women's Wear, Women's Silk Accessories, Children's Wear, Children's Shoes, Children's Leather Goods, Children's Accessories and Gifts) for about 2 years. I studied at New York University, interned at Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Harper's Bazaar, Intermix etc. My business partner went to Harvard. While she was there, she co-founded an annual fashion show that counts Vera Wang, Anna Sui, Jen Kao & Bryan Boy as guests. The fashion show was recently covered by NY Times and Elle. She was working at Goldman Sachs before we both resigned to pursue this.

My business partner was recently interviewed by Tech in Asia and we were featured in a column on BigThink.com. You can read both articles here:


If you are interested in exploring a new business opportunity do let me know. I'd be happy to give you more information.

Our website is under construction but you can check us out here:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shopzaozao
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/zaozao
Twitter: www.twitter.com/shopzaozao
Blog: zaogirls.blogspot.com

Hope to hear from you soon!


Kitty N. Wong said...

Hey Ling,
Great to hear from you, sounds like you have a great team and a super cool format! I'm definitely interested, let me shot you an email, I'd love to find out more.

Kitty x