The exciting thing about beaches in France is that you can take your top off, air out your tits a little bit. Last weekend I was in Marseille following my incarceration at La Fart de NoWay (more on that later). Such a great bustling city, but it was unbearably hot and the sun was releasing all the piss smells baked into the rocks. The only way to escape was into th Mediterranean Sea, and escape I did, hoping unto the 9am ferry, I landed on the beautiful island of Frioul.

Looks like the Louis Vuitton don was also on the ferry.

These trees were really neat, I've never seen anything like them, it seems like they were growing out of aloe plants.
I tried to touch some cactus, I got stabbed and ended up with a bunch of splinters in my finger.

Ps. I don't know why the pictures are so blurry, if you click on them it gets better.

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