La Fart de NoWay

Frickin' cutest cat in the world, there was a bunch of new little kitties at La Ferme de Noé. The kitties and the girls I volunteered with were the only redeeming qualities the place. Don't go there. The death witch of Melanoma runs the place.

These were the girls I volunteered with: Esther (what the heck happening to Esther in this photo? She's from Toronto, you can see her in the picture below), Ashley, Shana (from Kansas) and Jenny (from Belgium). Here we are enjoying the national drink of Trets (the town closest to the Fart, just under an hour walking), Monaco, its beer, limonade and strawberry syrup.

As there was no bus out of Trets on Sundays, picnicking became one of my favourite activities on the Sabbath day.

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