geisha neck

You know that feeling right after you get your haircut? There's always this settling in feeling, I guess it's kind of like when fake boobs 'drop' after surgery.
Well, I got my haircut yesterday so I'm still re-adjusting and I'm pretty much thinking about hair constantly, especially looking at everyone esle's haircut on the street. The hair at the nape of my neck is sorta creepy, like it doesn't really do anything or have a shape, compared to my old awesome short cut (only click the link if you must, atrocious photo quality ahead!). But I'm thinking, next time I'm going to ask the hairdresser to cut a little shape at the back of my neck, kind of tooth shaped inspired by geisha makeup, I think it'll look kind of adorable like a baby dinosaur.

Lastly, have you guys seen this? LOLtwilightz is hilarious. [sulks].

image via The Lonely Planet.

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