I got a new haircut!
And now you know I'm dedicated to blagging because I took this in a computer lab cause my laptop is broken, mind you it was empty but I was still terrified someone would walk in and discover my most inner narcissus.

ALSO, shout out to Hipsterdykes for the shout out! Thanks girrrrl.


okgoods said...

Whoaaaaa! I LOVE it!

Is there an octopus on your shirt?

okgoods said...

Also HIspterDykes is neat

I enjoy these rules:

#8 Do not take everything too seriously. This is the internet. Get over it!

#10 Obey the rules and party hard!

Haha THIS IS THE INTERNET, GET OVER IT. Amazing. I also enjoy the 'freedom to party, BUT according to the rules'. I feel that is my life. Amazing x2.

The Puritan Impulse said...

Thanks guys!

The Puritan Impulse said...

Oh and it's a ram, with cute lips.