"Chef Boyardee is meaner, stronger, less susceptible to disease and more dominant than a male gorilla. He comes to me at night. Willfully opening the locks and bending the bars on my window. Costing me horrendous amounts of money in home burglary devices. He comes to me in my bedroom. Naked, shaved and oiled. Goose-bumped thick black arm hairs risen off his skin. Standing in a pool of pizza grease. Barfing up flour. It enters my lungs. I cough. He laughs. He mounts me. I'd like to kick his hot-stinking, macho fuckin' ass."
- Kurt Cobain

Big ups to Mark Peckmezian for showing me this. This quote is amazing, it's like Hemingway and Jack Kerouac. And then, it's more homoerotic and sort of racist, written in this desperate drug addict way. The imagery is insane, not to state the obvious like the douche that I am, but the man is talented with words.
The quote is from his biography, Heavier Than Heaven.

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