"This jacket fucking reeks of sex. This is the jacket that that fucking guy wears, that one guy who always seems to get everything he wants for nothing. That one guy who all the women fawn over, fondle, and caress, while you stare at your stupid fucking hoodie. This is a jacket for the master of the indolent, the modern renaissance man, the kind of man who knows what kind of fucking drink he wants at the bar, and doesn’t ever get shorted by the bartender. This is the kind of jacket that girls want to wrap around their shoulders during the walk to the cab. The kind of jacket they try to put on over their dresses the morning after. The kind of fucking jacket that every man who wants to be somebody should own."
1. Temple of Jawnz. 2. Ashley Smith in Jalouse #133. 3. Alexis Krauss. 4. Temple of Jawnz.
Quote via Willy Cheesesteak.

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