The first photo of Jean-Michel Basquiat really reminds me I need some soul growing, also known as, art making. My job is just taking up my life, I'm now working as a junior designer, it's my first 'real' job, 9-5:30, but it's more like 6pm most days. I keep telling myself I'm going to sew or paint after work or on the weekends, but it's hard when all I want to do is turn on the air conditioning, get naked and cuddle up with my laptop and read Google Reader in bed.
The second photo is just nice, no relevance other than the fact that I would like it to be my house.

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kavisolo said...

dude. i just posted the same thing about my after work work-ethic. so draining after a long day, and i promise myself to make more, but i just end up splayed and surfing the web. <3.

Kitty N. Wong said...

I just read that post after I posted this one, and I so know what you mean! Well...I hope we'll be seeing more of each others' work/art on our respective blogs.