“In the first half of my life I moved towards all that gave me pleasure. But after the accident, the accident of growing older, I became cautious, preferring the same roads to work, a familiar breakfast, marriage. Because my memory is a limited resource, like gold or uranium, I go back over my life slowly, running fingers over the moments until I can taste them again. Remembering is like running backwards, an art I practiced with a friend from childhood, Oscar, who says there are just two tragedies in life. Not getting what you want. And getting it.”
- Mike Hoolboom

My friends had a 'first year party' on the weekend, they are so far away and I got all nostalgic. In my head I always picture my first year of university in such a warm perfect light, an exciting new city, always available friends, new experiences, the safety of institutions and mapped out paths. I remember sitting in my roommate Kaitlyn's room and signing up for Facebook for the first time. It's hard for me to imagine there can be any more periods in my life with such an amazing steady stream of discovery and it scares the crap out of me. But then I remember I'm looking for new experiences, not trying to recreate exact situations, with every failure of recreation I'm only reminded that only new experiences can produce that exact feeling I so long for.

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