Where are we going?

My roommate Esther and I had a good talk on the subway last night, as we are both in our third year of university, the subject of relocating after school naturally arose. For the summer, we are both moving to the south of France this June to volunteer on an organic farm, and I am thinking of staying in hopes of landing an internship. But, after that, what's next? As much as I love fashion, I sometimes stop and think of avoiding the rat race that is the fashion industry, especially the spend-spend consumer culture that it breds. At the end of it, we realized we just have to do what we love. If we do what we love, we will be happy, and what is life worth without happiness.
Esther also raised a really good thought, something I never realized, as we looked around the subway car, she said she wished she could get to know all these people. This video is for all the people I will never meet.

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