I'm really on an androgyny kick lately, not that I don't like it usually, but I'm hooked on The L Word and I can't stop watching it on Youtube. And, Shane! The style, the hair, everything. I'm loving her, but then again who doesn't? She inspired me to start looking for some pictures of good androgynous looks. I like these, but the creepers are doing nothing for me. I always thought shoes should be about sex, but maybe its refreshing to see shoes that say you don't give a fuck. Sometimes its nice to stomp around. Maybe there's a new direction coming. The lace, the stilettos (I hate that word), drapiness, dainty jewelery. Its gotta go. Sorry, its getting late. I should sleep. That drapiness comment is going to come back and bite me in the ass. What am I even even talking about?

Well, anyways, here's to 2010.
photos: tfs

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