Leeky Leek

My wonderful and talented friend Amy K and I made this! She took the photos, aren't they so beautiful? I'm so impressed. We made this leek and turkey pie with puff pastry on top last night; it was so delicious and we were so full. I want to put puff pastry on top of everything now, it makes it look so impressive. Maybe I'll layer some on top of my next essay, up the page count and make it more attractive to TA marking it.

We got the recipe from Jamie Oliver's show. I think he calls it sweet leek pie. Next time I make this (which will probably be soon) I think I'll add more leeks, they had a really mild flavour. It was suprising how much dirt was inside the leeks, I know cooking shows always say that, but it's true. And, cutting the leeks really hurt my eyes, its probably the onion family's way of revenge for eating so many of their relatives.

Photos: Amy Killoran

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I if I were an onion I would totally seek revenge on you. Leeky Leek, I'm a little bit, little bit, little bit in love with you.