The Joys of Styrofoam

I've talked about siu yeh before, the decidedly Cantonese midnight meal. When I was a kid I always imagined I would have a cool boyfriend that would bring me siu yeh when I would have to stay up late at home. Usually I imagined he would bring me Portugese chicken, which I don't even think exists in Portugal; or maybe something from Cafe de Coral.

But anyways, this post isn't about my imaginary Chinese boyfriend. It reminded me of how much I loved opening a stack of hot white styrofoam take out boxes (sorry Al Gore) full of greasy cheap resturant food preferably after 11pm. It just feels so warm and decadent in a weird way. So when I saw Take Away as I was browsing the Colette online store. I thought what a great idea for a book, and I bet it has lots of yummy pictures.

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