No More Love to Rye

RO FW 10/11

Such good desktop background material.
I love menswear fashion week, especially this year, Tommy Ton (of Jak n Jil fame) has been doing a wonderful job over at GQ documenting all the stylish men during Pitti Uomo. It gets me so excited to see how into fashion these people are and such attention to detail too.
I'm loving Rick Owen's collection this season, he's moving into more of a structured slouch feel. It must be hard for him, there are so many other people trying to emulate him and we have definitely reached peak drapiness but he manages to keep growing while keeping the esscences of his brand.

The whole collection is really good, I just don't have time to post it. I'm so busy working on my thesis collection right now so I'll be MIA for a little while.
ETA. Sorry, such weird format, bare with me. I can't get this side by side picture thing to work.

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