Here's Looking at You, Kid.

Happy New Year! If you're reading this, I may have already said that to you in person.
I love watching movies online, for the longest time it was Marie Antoinette and then it was Practical Magic. Tonight, I revisited Lost in Translation, I must have been too young the first time I watched it but now I'm realizing how beautiful of a film it really is. First of all style wise, Scarlett Johansson kills it as the poster child for the intellectual good–frumpy thinker. All the flats and shapeless sweaters; its making rethink my personal vendetta against skirts. Also, she is just so damn pretty. Beautiful shots of modern Japanese landscape. The soundtrack. Sofia Coppola really captures the feeling of alienation and loneliness when you are somewhere new, it kind of reminds me of the summer I spent in Vancouver.
I guess this is kind of late, but I wanted to do a list of the movies I couldn't stop watching this last decade, it wasn't until the last part of high school that I really started to get into the films, directors and styles that I began to admire and would have a major impact on me.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Science of Sleep
2 Days in Paris
Being John Malkovich
Marie Antoinette
Alfie (only the Sienna Miller parts, but I seriously dressed tried to be an replica of her for the better part of the year I went to college at UCFV. I wish I had a picture.)
Almost Famous

It's a pretty generic list when I look back now, but at the time they felt so revolutionary in my world.

Other biggies of the decade:
The Cobrasnake
Living in residence
Crews and Tangos
Will and Grace
Friends (too 90's?)
Getting into Ryerson
Fashion and TFS (I used to say Dior HOME. I've come a long way)
Makeup Alley (The gateway into the forum addiction of my adolescences)
Cat Power
Picking up The Power of Beauty on a whim, but then reading it and having it completely change the way I think, you should read it. It still affects me on a daily basis.
Coachella, the roadtrip there, California and freedom!
Garden State Soundtrack (so many tears. ha ha)
Brie and strawberry french toast
Discovering Southern France on a bicycle
Foie Gras
Horrible depression from the aforementioned.
Nexopia (Not because it had a big impact on me, but I spent so much time on there while in highschool. Its kind of like Myspace if you don't know what it is)
Winter Conference with my old church (so many hotties... seriously. All Chinese.)
Cosmo (50 ways to please your man)
Atheism (If I burn in hell its your fault Michael.)
Learning how to pattern draft
Going to Paris, it used to be such a distant dream.
Food blogs
The Balenciaga exhibition at Musee de la Mode

I'll stop here, but that was really fun. It's nice to bring back all those memories stored in your head. I feel so accomplished and I've just been lying in bed all day. And of course, I'm so thankful for all the great friends I've met this decade.

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soapbox citizen said...

you too kitten, all over the last half of the decade : )