Stoner Charms

James Franco is going to be on 30 Rock tonight! I cannot wait, he's so old movie star face + stone charms. I was having a pretty shitty day today, so many asslicks in the world. But its okay now, I just got a care package from my parents! It's a box of total awesome-ness! So many wonderful snacks. Also, there's this "super strength" Japanese lip gloss, more to come, I took pics. I'm watching New Moon online right now, oh I love you internets and Kirsten Stewart. Super excited about this Chloe movie, I love that its so unashamed of its Toronto location. Sex, lies and sexy ladies with sexy hairs.


okgoods said...

You should send a care package of cuteness back to your mother, she sounds so sweet.

The Puritan Impulse said...

That's such a good idea! I should.