Oh man. I miss this blog already, the layout on here is just the way I like it. I wish I could use it on Tumblr, but Tumblr is pretty user friendly and basically eliminates the use of Photobucket, which is great but I miss how Blogger is kind of low tech which lets you control so many more things.

Anyways, today I went on a long walk down to the waterfront and on the way back I walked through a stunning large scale photographic exhibit at Harbourfront Center, its called
Beyond Imaginings: Eight artists encounter Ontario's Greenbelt. The works are really great and it's free, so go check it out you cheap bastards! I especially liked Rob McInnis' work, he had some really great animal portrait from a farm near Hamilton.

Photos, in order: Martie Giefert. Becky Comber. Comber again. Rob McInnis.

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