une vieille maîtresse

I went to see The Last Mistress tonight at Cinematheque Ontario which is fast becoming my favourite place to watch a film. Anyways, the film is incredible, so elegant, it revolves around passion and inevitability and is complete with the most alluring cast imaginable. Asia Argento is amazing as La Vellini, watch her seduce, make out with her maid, suck the blood out of her lover's wound, cut his cheek with the knife in her hair and skillfully deliver bon mots such as 'Je déteste tout ce qui est féminin sauf chez les jeunes hommes/I hate anything feminine, except in young men, of course'. The whole thing is beautiful, and if nothing else watch it just to hear the sigh inducing French names: Ryno de Marigny, Hermangarde, Vicomte de Prony.

It's an image of cruelty and suffering, but also the beauty of man, the beauty of suffering, of the stoic suffering of a young man.
- Catherine Breillat.

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Michelle Melski said...

Oh! This is what I was thinking of when I said "girl dressed up like a bird." I don't know why I said it, but this was the movie.