These are the first pages of images which show up on Google. Hillary Clinton is so often depicted unflatteringly. Young women have older women to look up to, there are so few women depicted favourably who are above forty and intelligently noteworthy. These images almost serve as a warning for young women: If you want to be smart, ambitious and successful, you will be ugly. On the other hand, the term a 'distinguished man' is basically a synonym for handsome. Also notice how these two results are so reflective of gender constructs, Bill is calm and strikingly blue. Hillary is erratic and colorful, qualities usually considered feminine.

Like, look that that photo of Bill, 1st one second row, when will someone depict a women like that? A flattering portrait of one's imperfections one which commands respect and forgiveness. Beautiful lines and character as on the face of a loved one. No one depicts women like that and I'm sick of it.
Popular media, I beg of you, give me a role model.

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