This weekend I went to my best friend Kaitlyn's birthday party (Happy Birthday Kait!) and I wore my favourite piece of jewelery, I hardly ever wear accessories, so that's saying a lot. The only other piece I wear is this thick lucite bangle which is looking pretty worse for the wear.

I got this ring during my bike trip in 2006 in a little artisan's studio, in a little town in France and I always wear when I need some luck so it has quite a bit of sentimental value for me. So, when I arrived at the party I noticed that the ring wasn't on my finger anymore, I was super upset as I thought maybe it had slipped off when I was walking over to Kait's place as the ring has been feeling kind of loose lately. But alas, when I got home I found it safely in its little glass dish home and I decided to make a little photo tribute for it when I do lose it for reals, whenever that time comes.

Ring: La Tribu Rigaux

Ps. Sorry for the shitty photo quality, my roommate and I joke that our cameras are so bad that everything we take a photo of ends up looking like a hostage, so sorry for the hostage photo. And, this is my last post for a little while, I'm super busy this week. Bye!

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