"Bitches is like crabs in a bucket.
You see a bad bitch gettin' shine, you should love it.
Cause everytime a door opens for me that means you
Just gotta a better opportunity to do you.
They don't understand these labels look at numbers is statistics.
I lose, u lose, mines just logistics.
Neway, real bitches listen when I'm speakin'
Cause if Nicki win, then all of ya'll gettin' meetin's.
Ask LA Reid, ask Jay.
Then hit up Universal, see what Sylvia Rhone say.
Ask Craig Common, you can ask Chris.
Ladies when you're done, juts salute a bad bitch."

Still I Rise - Nicki Minaj

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Anonymous said...

Only underground bitch around that's ducking the paparazzi,
In and out town be swerving the Masertazi,
Stay around the white like a Nazi,
Pussy pppoppin' on my poppers so the cops see - bitches.