"sweet and satisfying"

Caramel is one of the best films I've seen in a while. Beauty salons are a special place, true they do their part in holding up the Beauty Myth and drain woman's wallets but it is an intimate environment for women to bond and I love the chatter and the massages.
The first part of the film couldn't be embedded, but just go on youtube to watch the whole thing.

"On one hand, women are trained to be competitors against all others for "beauty"; on the other, when one woman - a bride, a shopper in a boutique - needs to be adorned for a big occasion, other women swoop and bustle around her in generous concentration in a team formation as effortlessly choreographed as a football play. These sweet and satisfying rituals of being all on the same team, these all-too-infrequent celebrations of shared femaleness, are some of the few shared female rituals left; hence their loveliness and power. But sadly, these delightful bonds too often dissolve when the women reenter public space and resume their isolated, unequal, mutually threatening, jealously guarded "beauty" status."
- Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth.

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