glass floor

Taken by my adorable and talented friend Belinda Love Lee.
This was taken at an installation at the OCAD show, viewers were invited to walk on the floor which was covered in pieces of broken clear glass.

This is normally a very stressful situation for me, I never have any idea about what to do with broken glass, throw it in the garbage? What if someone gets hurt? It could be anyone, the garbage crew, my roommates, my own soft flesh human flesh. Wrap it in some shit and then throw it in the trash? When I worked as a server the dishwasher always put it in the recycling bin, is that allowed? One time at a party, someone broke a mirror at my friend's place and they were cleaning it up but I was freaking out and kept insisting that it would best if we googled it before we proceeded in cleanup. Obviously noone listened. But when I got home I tried looking it up, apparently noone on the internet knew what to do with it, we're all doomed. One idiot on Yahoo Answers suggested that we avoid buying glass products, what? I just broke some glass right now, fuck preventative measures and your suggestion is stupid. Like I said, this is a stressful situation for me.

Listening to: Beach House and Scanners.

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