ArtHooligans x Breillat

Some friends and I like to get together every Wednesday (or just about) to check out art galleries. It started because that's the night the AGO and the ROM are free but it's blossomed into this awesome hangout night and a great way to get out to various local galleries around Toronto that I might not have gone to otherwise. The other week we went to The Power Plant which is a great contemporary gallery. Tonight we had a special edition to see a screening of Catherine Breillat's Bluebeard, it was a fantastic retelling of the classic fairytale. I'm no good at reviews but watch it sometime, you won't be disappointed. I particulary enjoyed the eating scenes, everyone feasts with such relish in silene and also how some of the humourous scenes descends into depths of ridiculeness.

Speaking of provocative, Photobucket.com are a bunch of fucking puritans (ha!) they deleted the Nan Goldin photo I uploaded 'cause I guess they have some sort of anti-women's-breasts rule. I repeat, there are nothing wrong with women's nipples.

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