img heavy #3

1. Some poor dude had a stroke in the middle of Inception, weird shit always happens when I see movies at Rainbow Cinema, one time my friend and I went to see some cheesy movie for middle aged folks but instead they showed Saw 4 by accident. I try on Amy K's "Rolex" while we wait for the ambulance to arrive. 2. Fajitas and $3 beers with the Ryerson fashion girls, Tortilla Flats on Wednesdays, you should go. 3,4. Smoke's poutinerie with Amy K, trying on her vintage sunglasses, she always gets the sickest shit from Kitchener. 4. Tasseomancy at Poor Pilgrims, a free concert series on Toronto Island. 5. Hipster spotting during Poor Pilgrims, dog backpack? I say cool. Mark Peckmezian says lame. 6, 7. Picastro and Jeff Garcia's art installation Buried Boomboxes at Poor Pilgrims. 8. Creeping on my boss's baby. 9, 10. Nature walks and suit + longboard shopping with Tim, we check out the Share Your G20 Stories Wall on Oxford St. across from Longboard Living Gallery.

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