yellow fever

Today I walked by Kenzo, a ramen place near my house and one of the Asian waiters had stepped out and was waving goodbye to his friends and immediately afterward he raised both his fist up to his face and started fake sobbing which I thought was fucking hilarious not to mention totally adorable. Then I started thinking Asian guys are so great, white boys are never that animated.
So, if you are jonesing for a little Asian boy flavour you should watch this all the way. Your life will improve ten folds, you can thank me later. There's even a chubby one to fulfill all your Asian boy needs.

On another note, I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow, I can't eat for 8 hours before the surgery! You would not believe how much food I'm eating to prepare for those upcoming 8 hours; I just finished a pita pizza (working on my night cheese, but now there's cheese grease on my keyboard) at 2:30 in the morning and I'm already halfway through my after-surgery ice cream stash.

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Michelle Melski said...

I love that video! I have a crush on at least three of them.