This morning I went to see Catherine Breillat's new film adaptation of The Sleeping Beauty, it was so much to take in at 9 in the morning, the subway hadn't even started running yet and I was already in the theatre, I felt like a real cinephile.
Breillat has such a gift for enchanting and the film is so wonderfully indulgent in parts and why shouldn't it be? It is afterall a story of a young girl's coming of age through a hundred years of imagination, fantasy and adventure. It's a shame there aren't more stills on the internet yet because these really don't do the film justice, so don't judge it by these pictures.

Other films I want to see, but these will have to wait until later.
Tetsuya Nakashim's Confessions.
Warner Herzog's Caves of Forgotten Dreams.


Michelle Melski said...

That's the girl telling the story in Bluebeard!

Kitty Wong said...

Good eye! I didn't even notice. She seems to reuse actors a lot. Like the sister in Fat Girl is Hermangarde in The Last Mistress.