I heard this word for the first time today. I was told that a poopnoodle is what happens when you pee right after fucking someone hard in the ass. Poop gets stuck up in the dick hole and comes out in the form of a noodle when you piss. Is this something that actually happens, and if so, can you deem "poopnoodle" the official Savage Love term?

Couldn't Think Of An Acronym That Spelled Out "Poopnoodle"

If what you describe had ever actually happened to anyone, anywhere, ever, "poopnoodle" could be the official Savage Love term for it. But the poopnoodle never actually happens.

If your middle-school friends don't believe me, CTOAATSOP, here's what you should do: Go get a couple tubs of premade chocolate frosting. Refrigerate until firm. Get your dicks hard. Fuck your tubs of premade frosting. Fuck them hard. Fuck them like they've been bad. Then go take a piss. You will not produce a chocolatefrostingnoodle. I promise you.

And think about it, CTOAATSOP: Butt-fuckers fuck butt until they come. Wouldn't coming dislodge the poopnoodle?

Finally, some general advice for anyone out there who's interested in anal but now, thanks to CTOAATSOP here, fears the poopnoodle: Wear a condom. A condom can protect you from the fictional poopnoodle and the actual HIV.

-Dan Savage

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