I went in for a second interview today at a holistic health clinic, it seems like a super chill place to work and funny enough the doctor who owns the clinic was also a Wong. She was really honest, I didn't get hired, it somehow happened that I am over qualified for the job, when did this happen? I mostly feel like I don't have enough experience, but I guess they are looking for someone long term.

But, interestingly enough the doctor told me her brother also started in fashion design, dropped out and is now the creative director at Google. I Google'd him, shit, does this ever make me optimistic, I feel like there's so much room to grow for me. From what I gather, it looks like he dropped out of Parsons (apparently he only went for the girls), got into graphic design and has since gone on to work for the likes of Google and Starbucks. This is such a much needed anecdote for me right now considering I just graduated and have no idea what direction I want to head in. The doctor paid me a few compliments, could be the usual letdown speech, but I'm going to choose to believe her, she said I was ambitious, fabulous and was sure I'd go somewhere in life. So it seems, the Wong's aren't doing so bad for themselves.

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kavisolo said...

There's always room to grow, Kitty.