It Gets Better

It Gets Better is a video project started by advice columnist Dan Savage in response to Billy Lucas — an Indiana teenager who killed himself after being bullied by his classmates for being gay. The video is really sweet, Dan Savage's family is so cute, I had no idea he had a son, who is so adorable by the way. Also, props to them for starting this project, there's already so many It Gets Better videos posted by other users, it really does seem like a great resources for kids who may otherwise not be able to find support.

In Dan Savage's own words:

"I wish I could have talked to this kid for five minutes. I wish I could have told Billy that it gets better. I wish I could have told him that, however bad things were, however isolated and alone he was, it gets better.

But gay adults aren't allowed to talk to these kids. Schools and churches don't bring us in to talk to teenagers who are being bullied. Many of these kids have homophobic parents who believe that they can prevent their gay children from growing up to be gay—or from ever coming out—by depriving them of information, resources, and positive role models.

Why are we waiting for permission to talk to these kids? We have the ability to talk directly to them right now. We don't have to wait for permission to let them know that it gets better. We can reach these kids."

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